Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update on Story, Character Concepts, Model List, and Enviroments

Yesterday we had Jeff Paul sub for our class and he went over our stories. In short, my original script and idea is TOO grand. So, after much grumbling, I agreed. It's something I kind of always knew but didn't want to admit since I've done so much work on it already. So From yesterday on I've been cutting off any extra fat and trying to clean up on the story so that it's short and sweet, but still keeping the heart of what I had.
Doing this made me cut 2 evinorments so now I only have one and I'm down to just my main characters. I won't be needing all those extra frogs and snakes. I want for this quarter to get everything model and textured. My main characters all have to be done by midterm so I can start rigging on them, I'm going to try to get a character done per week, starting this week.
Here's a list of things to be model
Fira (cobra)
Chura (frog)
5 different module tree trunks
5 different module tree branches w/ leaves ((I was inspired by Andrea's work))
a Sky
3 different module clouds
a gravel path
8 different module pebbles/rocks
6 different module grass ((for close shots))
Far away grass ((either don with planes or fur))
3 different module vines
A far away canopy of jungle ((perhaps a plane or somthing))

If there's anything I need to add just tell me.
Here are some character concepts. They are almost completely finalized in their design the only one that needs more work is the hawk and the butterfly. ((Butterfly needs some design for it's wings))

((Done= Model & Texture))
Week1: Work on Frog
Week2: Frog done , Work on hawk
Week3: Hawk done, Work on Cobra
Week4: Cobra done, Work on Butterfly
Week5: Butterfly done, present Characters, work on gravel path and pebbles
Week6: Gravel path and pebbles done, work on grass modules
Week7: Grass modules done, work on Far away grass planes and tree trunk modules
Week8: Tree trunks and far away grass done, work on tree branch modules
Week9: Tree branch modules done, work on vine modules and sky
Week10: Sky and vines done, work on cloud modules and lighting
Week11: Everything done, present work.

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